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Products offered:

  • Nit Comb
  • Active Rinse (dimethicone rinse)
  • Preventative Spray
  • Preventative Shampoo
  • Preventative Conditioner
  • Do-It-Yourself kit
  • Preventative Kit

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Details About Our Products:

The main ingredient in our active rinse is dimethicone. Dimethicone rinse does the same thing
that other pesticide-based products do, such as Nix and Rid. Except, unlike Rid and Nix,
dimethicone is non-toxic and pesticide-free. It kills live lice but has no effect on nits, so it must
be coupled with a comb-out treatment. When used properly, dimethicone rinse is effective.
Our preventative products are effective because they contain peppermint oil, which deters
head lice. The preventative shampoo and conditioner are important because they give a more
thorough residual protection, coating the hair from root to tip, including the scalp. The
shampoo and conditioner provide a long-term protection. They also have a very pleasant mint
scent. Our preventative spray is great on the go. Spritz your hair for quick, short-term

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